Saturday, August 11, 2012


Regulation only works when it's more profitable to follow the regulations than to break them.

Over-regulation simply encourages regulations to be broken.

Is there something similar to a Laffer curve for Amount of Regulation vs. Compliance?

Under-regulation can be equally devastating, but where is the point of peak compliance with regulation?

Alternatively, how else can we encourage powerful and influential people to just stop being dicks?

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Mongoose said...

Sadly, laws only work on law-abiding people who know the law. Which is approximately no one. Further, studies on dishonesty show that cheating or law-breaking is not actually based on a simple cost-benefit analysis. Most deliberate law-breakers are merely stupid; the smarter ones are driven more by ego than by calculation. In short, less law and more jurisprudence might be a better solution, if it weren't for the fact that judges are also dishonest.

So the moral is, you just have to cry about it.