Monday, May 27, 2013

Buying things online

So, I tried to buy a software package online.

I tried to use the business credit card, it was rejected because it didn't have something called "Verified by Visa" or "SecureCode."  I thought being shipped to my home address and that security code on the back would be enough, but apparently not.

OK, so try to sign up.  Oh wait, my business credit card doesn't support this system apparently, it says so right on their web site.

Well, fine, I'll try a personal credit card.  Maybe Amex, that doesn't have anything to do with either of those systems.  Error message: card is not signed up on VbV or SecureCode.

OK, we'll try a MasterCard... same thing...

Fine.  I'll go to SecureCode and sign up my MasterCard.  Enter the card number, fine.  Enter some personal info.  Rejected.  Re-enter, double and triple check... Rejected, could not verify information. Account Locked.





I'm only marginally annoyed that I didn't get to buy what I wanted.  I'm utterly outraged that such a broken system was made mandatory before it was ready.  Mordac lives!