Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Alphabet According to Auto-Complete

A is for aubrie
B is for basketball
C is for cookie
D is for dangerous lyrics
E is for ethics
F is for frank
G is for girlie
H is for hook
I is for insignificant
J is for jake (and a is for apple)
K is for kani
L is for love (L is for lies)
M is for maple
N is for neville (who died of ennui)
O is for outlaw
P is for party
Q is for quarry
R is for rainbow
S is for silence
T is for tiger
U is for undertow
V is for vendetta
W is for wind
X is for x-ray
Y is for yearbook
Z is for zamboni

What is a(n):
What is an adjective
What is a blog
What is a canuck
What is a dutch oven
What is an earthquake
What is a fever
What is a g6
What is a hernia
What is an ipad
What is a joule
What is a kindle
What is a leader
What is a metaphor
What is a no fly zone
What is an ode
What is a podcast
What is a qr code
What is a root canal
What is a stroke
What is a tsunami
What is an ulcer
What is a verb
What is a wiki
What is an xml file
What is a yeast infection
What is a zip code