Friday, March 26, 2010

Let Me Google That For You

The most useful site I have seen in ages:

And in action:



Mongoose said...

That's awesome. I almost wish I was still friends with the evil bitch I could send her that the next time she has an annoying question.

Lunchbox said...

I run across this blog, every now and then, and with the things you post I am convinced you must be the clone I never had. The fact that we were joking at the sweatshop *only today* about that site means you may have been eavesdropping or you're my alternate personality. Not sure if that's creepy.

Hi Mongoose. Miss your blog.

inverse said...

That's... a bit weird. :-) I didn't discuss it at work, just ran across it online, I think on an article about the recent confirmation of General Relativiy. Somebody trying to remember the name of the Imagining 10 Dimensions video.

Now, if you live in Port Coquitlam and work for a game developer in Burnaby, that would be seriously weird. :-) Alternatively, perhaps you have discovered how to breach one of the higher dimensions using the Internet and we are the same person living in divergent timelines. I smell Nobel prize.