Saturday, July 19, 2008

What is offense?

I was thinking... what is offensive? I'm not sure it's actually possible to offend me. There may be things people say that make me angry, but that seems to be a different concept from offense. Some people may say things that make me uncomfortable, but that's not really offense either.

Offense simply seems to be a reaction that people have when reality contradicts their deeply held beliefs. Perhaps "militant delusion response" would be more accurate than "offense."

On this basis, why do we seem to believe that people have some sort of right to not be offended?


Mongoose said...

I don't believe people have the right to be, or not to be, offended. I believe they choose to be offended. I believe they do this to control others. I wonder where they get the energy.

inverse said...

"I believe they do this to control others."

Yes, that was basically the point... from one perspective, it seems odd to allow others to have power because of something that both sides should realize is merely imaginary.

And I didn't say they had the right, just that it seems people believe they do. Political correctness nearly has the power of law, it seems sometimes.