Sunday, August 12, 2007


I once asked a friend, "Why would I describe the intimate details of my life in an online public forum, when I wouldn't walk up to a random person on the street and do the same thing?"

That pretty much sums up my early opinion of writing an online diary. The fact that they quickly became known as... erk... "blogs" (there I said it, carefully imprisoned by quotation marks) didn't give me much motivation to actually start one, particularly when any site I would be likely to post one on probably had the word in its name. I hate the word. Really, it's the sound a dog would make while puking up the remains of something that really didn't agree with it. Well, not really, dogs have a bit of trouble pronouncing the letter B, even when losing their breakfast, but reading the word gives me roughly the same feeling as watching such.

So, why write this journal thing? There's a complicated answer to that, which I won't get into now. The simple answer is that I feel it would be a benefit to me to write it, and be a benefit to others to read it. I don't intend to write much about the intricate details of my daily life, but I do want to share my perspective of the world. Then again, perhaps that is the most personal thing I can share.

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