Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Peeve of the Day

People who lay on the horn because I'm respecting the right of way of pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Who kill people
Over ideas
Make me want to kill them

But I don't
And would not condone that

There's a lesson here somewhere.

Brought to you by the killing of the US ambassador to Libya over a US film portraying the Prophet Muhammad.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Whine, Complain

Things the Federal Liberals did that I didn't like:
  • Canadian Firearms Registry - that's a billion dollars that could have been spent actually preventing crime
  • Sponsorship Scandal
  • Generally being a bunch of entitled, self-righteous twits
Things the Federal Conservatives are doing that I don't like
  • Renamed the government after their leader (srsly, WTF)
  • Gagged all government scientists
  • Gutted scientific research and environmental review
  • Gutted freedom of the press by not actually having genuine press conferences
  • Suspicious electoral activity
  • Generally being a bunch of entitled, self-righteous twits
Mostly there are a lot of really weird and disturbing things going on now.
  • As seen in the US, politics is becoming a weird, polarized mix of marketing and sport bordering on religion
  • That is, there is no substance or policy, just efforts to convince by confusion
  • We're asked to pick a team to cheer for, not ask if the players are any good, if we should form our own team, or if we should play a different game entirely
I think I'm a political atheist.

Edit Sept. 10, 2012 - severed diplomatic relations with Iran
Edit Sept. 12, 2012 - oh, and I forgot the whole F-35 thing