Sunday, February 19, 2012

Financial Hockey

If hockey was like modern finance:

  • Teams would be able to borrow goals from future games
  • Teams would be able to borrow goals from other teams
  • Referees would have a stake in the outcome of the game
Just think, eventually you could end up with teams starting games with negative scores.  Teams would be borrowing against their expected future performance, when every member of the current team would be long retired.  There would be hordes of sports analysts trying to predict the future by trying to analyze statistics of a chaotic system (OK, that's a lot like now).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Theory of Money

Money is just a method for redistributing labor and goods across space and time.

Borrowing is a method for moving labor and goods through time, but of course time travel costs money.

Since money is just a convenient fiction, we must realize something:  everything that has ever been created by people could have been created without money.  Money did not magically move actual labor from the future to the present or the past.  Everything that has ever been accomplished was done within the capabilities of the people alive at that very moment.  The only thing that ever mattered was the motivation/incentive.

That is interesting, because the banks and governments of the world have managed to generate obscene levels of debt, but debt is just a fiction too.  It may have been used as a good incentive to get things done at a particular time, but it didn't actually create labor, it only created incentive.

I wonder what we could accomplish if we were all sufficiently motivated without dragging a burden of debt along.